What is Xcel’s warranty policy?

Xcel // Solar offers 25 year efficiency warranty on all panels, 5 Years inverter warranty and a 1 year installation warranty.

XCEL // LED offers a 3 year manufacturers warranty on all fittings and a 1 year installation warranty.


Is there still a rebate on Solar?

Yes, there is still a rebate for solar.

Small-scale technology certificate (STC) or large-scale technology certificate’s (LGC) are created when installing solar. These are given to the customer as point of sale discount. STC and LGC’s, like all commodities, are not fixed and availability fluctuates with supply and demand.


Is there a rebate on LED’s?

Yes, the Victorian government has a rebate scheme to swap over old inefficient lighting to new LED products. The scheme is called VEET. VEET certificates, like all commodities, are not fixed and availability fluctuates with supply and demand.


What size solar system does my business need?

XCEL // Solar is unlike other solar companies. We will visit your business and discuss the business requirements, budget and will customize a plan to suit the size of the needs of the customer.


Do LED’s get hot like my old lights?

LED lights run a lot cooler than halogen lamps, bulbs or metal halide lamps. LED lights are cool to touch, meaning they can be handled as soon as they have been switched off.


Do you offer financing terms?

Xcel provides a range of interest free options for both Solar and LED solutions. For further details speak to Xcel’s sales professional on 9877 3765.


What are the payment terms?

Payment is required by means of credit card or EFT prior to the installation of the system or alternatively by bank cheque on the day of installation.


Will the installation impact on my business?

No, with both Xcel // LED and Xcel // Solar installations we take care so that our presence there will not impact on you. 90% of work undertaken can be completed on the same day.


What is the lifespan of a LED?

LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours, as opposed to only 2000-5000 hours of conventional element burning, or halogen lights. This means less changing over off blown lamps and less money on maintenance on a yearly basis.

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