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SMA inverter

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The Inverters from SMA - the Heart of every Solar Energy System Harness the energy of the sun - with a solar inverter from SMA. They convert the direct current generated by the solar module into grid-acceptable alternating current. Thus they form the heart of every solar energy system. As market leader for solar inverters SMA is setting benchmarks again and again: leading-edge efficiencies of 98 % and new technology ensures maximum yields and the highest user ...

Solar Energy

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More and more businesses are going solar everyday.Its is the most effect way to cut your energy costs while reducing your impact on the enviroment. When it comes to solar you should rely on the experts that install your system. Not only do we designer and sell the system but the same people will also form a part of the installation team. We have been involved with systems from 5.0 kW to 600 ...

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  • Solpac Website Released
    April 23, 2013

    Solpac, Australian-owned and operated, and developed by electricians, for electricians, have just released their brand new website.